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Love in Front of Me

Photo: Alexandra Gorn from Unsplash

This morning silence turned into great fullness; Fullness into unspeakable appreciation. Appreciation morphed into love for what was right in front of me; both pain and the mundane held with a gentle embrace. Noticing the swirling landscape of steam from my cup, then from the cup to the black substance within. Something marveling at the ability to embrace every nuance of the flavor. Preference having no place here. Holding the cup of coffee in my hands, it becomes the momentary object of my devotion and curiosity. What created this glorious substance that wakes up the world?

Dark and sultry You fill our veins with persuasive possibilities. You beckon becoming…screaming live this life! Liquid motivation for the sleepy.

You cast out the demon of laziness, Yet taunt at our sickness for more.

You offer so much, but you do not seem to be doing your job this morning. My eye-lids getting heavy again, pulling me back to your Creator; the One without flavor or color. Drifting back into etherial dancing water vapors and into formlessness again. Black liquid running to its source, flowing back to the immovable mover of all. Awakening.

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