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Wise Winking Messages

In a little over a week, Mark and I are moving. We are taking deep breaths as we sift through our personal items that pull on our heart-strings. We are aiming to downsize and we are willing to let go of some of our stuff. A low-level anxiety starts to creep into the room like a fog bank rolling off the ocean. No surprise that this anxiousness is in direct proportion to the amount of clutter stacked in the living room. The old mental chatter says: “So much to do, so little time.” Just as I think I see a little break from the fog, my body is already feeling a greater sense of urgency and the fog rolls in again.This pressing feeling is accentuated as I remember that friends are on their way to stop in for tea. I meander through the maze of boxes and make my way to the kitchen. Attached to one of the tea bags is a quotation from Lao Tzu reminding me that there is no need to rush. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” The words wash over me, clearing the mind of its concerns. Everything in me smiles and softens.

Thank goodness for these unassuming yet profound messages that life endlessly provides. We are granted with information from our bodies, our meditations, synchronicities, billboards, community gatherings, emotional states, reoccurring number sequences, and even overheard conversations at a restaurant. These messages are like taps on the shoulder from the Divine to pay attention. They coax us to notice what lights us up, to enjoy the present moment, to be grateful, to drop the drama, to open our perceptions, or to relax. Lately, my reminders are about shifting my attention to the importance of who I am being rather than what I’m doing.

What has life been messaging you about these days? Know that the Divine is winking as you receive ;)

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