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Transformational Tending

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the honor of working with some very courageous and sincere clients. Each in their unique way had the willingness to explore unknown territory, with the possibility of transformation. And what is transformation? Although it’s often characterized by a dramatic change, I tend to see it as a gradual process—an internal unfoldment that begins to express itself in our external landscape.

One of my teacher/elders was telling me a story over the weekend about a vision she had in her meditation. In her mind’s eye she witnessed desolate concrete buildings. There was garbage flying through the wind, blowing over a cracked concrete sidewalk. She then saw a tiny green sprout shooting up through the pavement. It was the beginning of something new being born into the world. The sprout was so tiny, almost imperceptible in the grand landscape of dirt and grit. It was in the process of growth and transformation.

What is your concept of transformation? What do you think it should look like?

Our ego self might like to think of it as some powerfully intense experience—some big Aha! moment—some grand experience. And yes, it can show up like that; the identification of “I” can resolve into the heart of existence in a moment. However, many of us are wired for a slow, gradual process. Transformation can show up as a hint of peace and contentment that begins to inform the way we begin each day. It could be the touch of innocence and joy that wafts through us like a lilac bush in bloom. Over time, our friends sense something different in us. You could also experience gratitude more often for what IS, and suddenly realize that maybe you’re not in a state of complaint anymore.

The metamorphosis could express itself as a renewed concern about others, or all of a sudden, one day you realize you're not attached to your diet preferences, your hairstyle or even how you’re going to make a viable income. Recently, in my case, it showed up as gratitude mixed with an ultra-awareness of this ego’s games.

Hold preciously whatever you have experienced in your own transformational process, be it a simple insight, or one moment of peace or outrageous joy or thought-free awareness. Every conscious step taken toward transformation is of benefit, to yourself and to all beings. Tend to your sprouts; water them, big and luscious or tiny green shoots. Embrace what you’ve received, and continue to be open to the magical unfolding of your very unique journey…

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