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A Sense of Sanctuary

I’m running up and down the stairs with miscellaneous items in my hands; mail, toiletries, books, and one orphaned sock. Aiming to get organized, an internal rhythm appears: Climbing, descending, seeking order- repeat! Climbing, descending, seeking order- repeat! There was something inside, laughing at myself, about this militaristic approach during this post-residential upheaval. On the outside, however, it looked a bit chaotic, more like a squirrel gathering items for a nest. One might say, “organic.”

Knowing myself well enough to take a break when my energy gets jagged, I retreat to the back patio. Sitting outside to rest, while being with the bees and flowers something inside me stops. No thoughts. Ahhhh, a sense of sanctuary had found me and permeated me from this outer garden to my internal landscape. Silence caressed my being like a tender summer breeze. When thoughts eventually arose, I remembered that this new home we have found ourselves in is called Sanctuary House. Of course.

None of us need a beautiful garden to arrive at an internal oasis. We can all create a safe haven in many given moments during the day; closing the eyes and taking a deep breath at a stoplight, taking a nap, or a stroll in the park.

And we can certainly be a refuge for one another by listening and being available. This is part of my intention when I work with people; to listen, reflect and coax people towards their own deep well of peace from within. It is one of my greatest joys and much more fun than running up and down the stairs!

How might you elicit or be that sanctuary for yourself and others today?

Here are some ideas:

* Constructing an external retreat environment

* Asking in any given situation, “What would love do?”

* Sitting quietly outside, focus on breathing deeply for 5 minutes

* Petting a dog or cat (make sure it is a friendly animal)

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