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Who Do You Spend Your Time With?

After finishing a 5 day silent retreat this week, this blog is dedicated to Sharon Landrith and the entire sangha

...with deep appreciation

Your transformation and evolution as a human being depends greatly on who you spend your time with.

There is a word in Buddhism called “sangha” which loosely translates as community or association. Sangha is one of the Three Jewels in Buddhism, which are three things in which we turn to for refuge or safety. Safety from what you might ask? We seek our sangha (good company/spiritual friendship) as a way to check our own illusions and ignorance. In modern times, many people do not have traditional spiritual communities but they do have people they spend a lot of time with in smaller communities: family, friends, partners and colleagues.

Whether we know it or not, the consciousness and vibration of the people that we spend the most time with has a huge impact on our life. There are some people that lift our spirits and challenge us to be better humans. Others will bring us down through constant complaining and drama. As we age we might recognize the importance of having people around us that are authentic, genuine and respectful. Particularly during this time of unrest on our planet, it is vitally important that we raise our vibration; both individually and together.

One way a high vibrational community can be created is through the experience of a group RETREAT. You deepen and grow together in the retreat experience from a place of understanding and compassion. What follows is the creation of a powerful expansion of positive energy, support and love. This expansion is the fabric that gloriously creates the tapestry of an enjoyable life. What if we could all lovingly work together and support each other? What a wonderful world we would create!

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