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Energy Conservation - Not Just for the Earth

As our biological clocks warm up to daylight saving time, it’s the perfect opportunity to investigate our own energy efficiency and conservation. What do you do to balance your precious life force.

DON’T OVERDO IT: Through many lapses of unconsciousness, I can attest to having used my energy unwisely. Pushing myself to extremes, in what one might consider healthy activities such as dancing and working, became problematic. I ended up with mono—not once, but twice, in six months. My body’s reaction demanded more awareness. Now I have a greater tendency to pay attention to my body’s signals. When I am aware of body sensations and energy levels I can modify and adapt as needed.

NOURISH AND RECHARGE: I’ve discovered that meditating in the morning is soothing and nourishing for my nervous system, mind and emotional body. Then there are times when I’ll use this same practice to unwind, rest and recharge. Another favorite recharger is napping. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance.” You don’t even need 30 minutes. I find that even 5-10 minutes of focused, intentional meditation or napping can give me a resurgence of energy.

THE EYES HAVE IT: Do you ever notice your eyes darting all over the place when you’re in a new environment or situation? Our eyes are constantly taking in information and outside stimulation, which tends to draw our energy outward. To keep some of my energy inward, I will often soften my gaze, and keep a steady, open and relaxed focus while moving into unfamiliar territory or a crowd.

What do you do to manage your energy? If you have any useful tips, please send them along and I’ll crowdsource a list to share in our next newsletter. And if you’re interested in exploring energy efficiency for your unique system, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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