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A Short Path to Paradise

I’ve heard this so many times in my life; just a slight shift in perception can change everything. The meaning of this statement made it more clear than ever last weekend.

My partner Mark and I were driving back from a weekend of work. He wanted to stop at someone’s house for the possibility of purchasing some tools that were listed on Craigslist; a deal that no wood worker could resist. It was over ninety degrees and I was t-i-r-e-d. Sitting in the car waiting, the cranky old character within myself started to formulate a frown on my face. The character was taunting me to anger, salivating to slip on boxing gloves and prepare for a fight, or at least swing a few good punches.

Something witnessed the familiar thought train, and stopped me in my tracks.

I noticed this intimate inner dynamic and switched my attention in a millisecond. Parked in the uncannily perfect shade of a glorious Elm tree, my edges softened. A delicate breeze caressed my skin through the open car doors. There was a symphony of neighborhood sounds that filled my ears; barking dogs, blazing sirens and distant sounds of laughter. Overwhelmed by the gift of being able to hear and to see, I watched Mark who had taken the time to truly connect with the elderly gentleman selling his goods. The beauty of it all melted me and tears ran down my presently innocent face.

The vibrations continued to reverberate throughout the rest of the day. Gratitude permeated a problem that had earlier tangled me into a twisted knot. Now there were options instead of a dismal display. It was a subtle movement of attention that turned a potential road to hell into a realm of bliss and potentialities. It wasn’t complicated or taxing. It was merely a the heat...during a hot summer’s day.

* May all your arduous realities turn into delightful dreams.

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