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Your Journey to the Inevitable

Where are you on this scale from “I can’t” to “Inevitability?” “I can’t” to…. “Possibility” to… “Probability” to… “Inevitability?” I lived many years of my life thinking, “I can’t do it.” Looking back, I recall a negative imprint from my 3rd grade math class. I didn't know the answer to a math question when the teacher called on me. Being stunned and mortified, it was then that I decided that I just didn’t have what it takes to get through school. Although I did manage to get through school, receiving both a BS and MFA, I consistently had the knee jerk reaction "I can't do it," as I entered into any seemingly difficult task. But the turn around came from... In the early 90's after receiving my MFA I was faced with the decision whether to make a career out of modern dance or not. Yes, the statistics looked grim. I asked one of the respected faculty members (a former Martha Graham principle dancer) if she thought I had what it takes to make a living dancing modern dance. She said I had a very good possibility of succeeding. Her encouragement opened up a window that eventually turned that dream into a reality. In 2000 a dear mentor gifted me a 5 day Panchakarma treatment (an Ayurvedic purification and detoxification protocol) at the Chopra Center. As we were driving around the affluent La Jolla beach area, I remarked that I would love to live near the beach but that it wasn't possible given my current income. He said, of course it is possible! We had a long conversation about it and although I was fighting him all the way, a seed of possibility must have been planted. Two years later I was living in Santa Monica, just three blocks from the beach. As humans our natural inclination is to just bury away our old beliefs assuming that once seen, they will be forever be eradicated. However, if you are like me, these old beliefs; often birthed from core woundings, like to re-assert themselves Often through time, they get subtler and subtler. Recently, as I have been faced with stretching way out of my comfort zone and becoming more visible in the world through social media, the "I can't" belief showed up again wearing the mask of frustration. Grrrr! My first impulse was to change the uncomforable feeling. What I have come to recognize is that before trying to change anything, I just need to be gentle and patient with myself. Then if I can treat myself and the belief with compassion, it looses it's power over me. I recognize that this unuseful belief is not true! It is just an old story. From here I begin to see the probability of something happening. Lately, I am toying with inevitability. Here are 5 simple things I’ve been exploring to help me move into greater INEVITABILITY: • Being mindful of the old beliefs and stories of "I Can't" or "impossibility" that I am telling myself • Remembering that who I am is timeless, spacious Presence...and the Universe is full of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. • Thinking “Why Not?” • Elevating my vibration through singing, dancing, going for a walk in nature and opening to JOY. • Spending time with people who live in PROBABILITY and INEVITABILITY. From Matt Kahn: "What if what you are imagining is an intuitive foreshadowing of what is meant to be?"

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