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Trust This

The morning after the Coronavirus news came out I sat down to meditate. The message I immediately received was, TRUST THIS. Trust what is happening (regardless of the cause). Another message came; ultimately humanity will be more unified because of it. Who could have foreseen the incredible support so many of us are offering to each other? In these last few weeks it has been so beautiful to witness and participate in innovative ways we are staying connected.

There has also been other compelling benefits from this social distancing world we now find ourselves in. After the initial disappointment of cancelling my work-related events, I found myself juiced up by the prospect of not moving from here to there for a time being. In the first few days there was considerable satisfaction in taking care of “I’ll get to this eventually” projects. Not only that, but there seemed to be more time to pay attention to the needs and interests of my body, heart, mind and spirit. Here are some interesting questions that I’ve been asking myself. Maybe you might find one of these inquiries interesting to contemplate:

  • What am I being asked to let go of personally?

  • What are the benefits of this situation both personally and collectively?

  • How can I more fully align with my heart and spirit’s aspirations?

  • How can I be of service?

As I have contemplated this last question, I have been compelled to offer some free services. Please visit my New offerings page including weekly community meditation.

Please visit my NEW OFFERINGS PAGE

On Saturday, April 4th there will be an opportunity to be a part of the Global Peace Meditation.

For more information

No matter what you believe, we can probably agree that:

  • There is power in numbers

  • Meditation has proven to be a hugely beneficial practice

  • This is an incredibly potent time in history, rich with opportunity

Please join with me in weaving the invisible tapestry of Spirit connecting us all.

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