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Shining On

As we move into the longest day of the year I marvel at our burning life-giving star. This life force does not discriminate and divide like the human mind. Endlessly, it pours its light onto every being on this planet with out an ounce of restraint. We all benefit from its radiance. Every morning this giant star peeks over the eastern mountains, kisses my face, and infuses this life with new possibilities. Its rays exemplify what it is to love. In all it’s nuclear glory, it roars, you are this love too!

Yes, we are that love. Going within, there can be a recognition of our own inner sun. The fuel for this inner sun ignites from sitting quietly, watching sunlight streaming, prayer, singing, gratitude, laughter, sharing and celebrating with clients, friends and family. We each have our own way of stoking our flames. By honoring both the outer and the inner sun, we shine!

"May the Long Time Sun Shine upon you All love surround you And the pure light Within you Guide your way on Guide your way on"

-Snatam Kaur

Please join me this summer to explore the ways you burn brightly. Let’s shine together.

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