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Love, Transcending Opposites

photo by Aleksandra Dementeva Unsplash


Like children on playground swings, we sway between polarities, experiencing moments of weightless joy and muddy falls. Our journey encompasses cycles of fear, doubt, sadness, anger, joy, connection, and compassion, all woven into the fabric of existence. Rather than shunning "undesirable" experiences or clinging to fleeting pleasures, true wisdom lies in embracing inclusivity and acceptance, encoded within our DNA.

Is it worthwhile to debate the superiority of chocolate over vanilla? Each flavor enriches life's banquet uniquely, offering its own gift. Imagine relinquishing the habit of labeling experiences as "good" or "bad." By refraining from categorization, we expand our perception of ourselves, others, and life itself.

We cannot always control the extremes of our experiences. The essence lies in observing and accepting and embracing what arises within us without judgment, responding with gentle understanding.

Even in moments of triggered reactions, we can extend love and compassion to our reactive selves. Personally, I've strived for this, notably during a recent internet outage before an online interview. Amidst utter frustration, I recognized life's pressures, eventually cultivating peace through self-forgiveness.

Embracing everything can be messy, yet it leads to profound self-love, self-acceptance and understanding. Here are some tips that have been helpful for me:

1. Grounding: Reconnect with the Earth, allowing its stability to nourish and support you amidst life's storms.

2. Unity: Acknowledge your interconnectedness with all beings and a higher reality beyond the self.

3. Heart Centering: Merge with the essence of earth, sky and others, and meet in the middle, within the wisdom of the heart.

4. Inner Emptiness: Move into the spaciousness of the heart, transcend thoughts and feelings, and allow pure compassion and unconditional love to flow.

Imagine adopting this approach collectively, transcending divisive language and embracing unity before political discord consumes us. Let's rendezvous in the middle ground, guided by Rumi's timeless wisdom: "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there."

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