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Illumination of the 6th Sun

According to the Toltecs, the human race is currently in transition from a time period known as the 5th sun into the dawning of the 6th sun. The vibration of the 6th sun will be predominate by 2021. The 5th sun is based on the manipulation of everything outside of ourselves; the environment, other people, and situations. It is also based on looking outside of ourselves for the answers or through authority figures. As we gravitate into the 6th sun our attention shifts from trying to control the external to turning inwards. The beginning stages can look like an intense purification process of seeing, healing and releasing ancient wounding, ancestral patterns and conditionings that are not in our highest good. Not always a jolly undertaking! However, the result will be the birth of our own wisdom. We become sovereign beings and acknowledge ourselves and all people in their innate wholeness and divinity.

We live from the cognizance, that everything and everyone has equal value on this grand stage of life. This intelligence reveals our brilliance and interconnectedness rather than our separateness. In this recognition we honor each other and the earth with reverence and consideration. It is vital that we pay close attention to the needs of the earth, our source of nourishment and support; our mother. One of the elders I have been studying with has stated, “Nature will resume her place and teach us how to live with her.”

Interdependence with all of life will take its righteous place.

During the 6th sun we will explore our limitless capacity for creation, compassion, love, inspiration, restoration, transformation and transcendence. Wow! Imagination is the key. An intuitive healer once suggested that I begin to imagine the New Earth. What would the most beautiful, harmonious, loving, peaceful planet look and feel like? IMAGINE that!

No really, please, do! Your energy goes where your attention goes. What would happen if we all shifted our attention to “imagine all the people living life in peace” as John Lennon declared?

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with yourself, others or the world, lets consciously pivot inwards, heal our wounds, experience our mastery, perceive the divinity in all, take care of the earth and use the power of our imagination. Who knows, we may just sparkle spiritedly during the illumination of the 6th sun!

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