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Divine Difference Undefined

We are sky-rocketing into a time of momentous change where our ideas about what it is to be feminine and masculine will need to evolve. As a society, we are moving into an era of gender fluidity. According to the website, Genderspectrum, “Gender fluid people move between genders, experiencing their gender as something dynamic and changing, rather than static.” There are also many people that do not feel as if they fit into traditional categories of gender identification.

Yet, I have been compelled to create events that focus on honoring the divine feminine and masculine within. The origin of this movement has nothing to do with each of the sexes. It is a soul calling, to embody the most loving, authentic, light-filled, life-affirming qualities possible. However, for the sake of simplicity, using the divine archetypes of the sexes has been helpful and will be of use across the spectrum of gender identity.

In each moment we have a choice on how to respond to life. Sometimes it is in our best interest to embody particular aspects of the divine feminine that include receptivity, intuition, softening and flowing. Then there are times that require the focused attention of the divine masculine. During our weekend intensive, we will honor the divine masculine within by investigating both our inner and outer worlds. We will aim to expand our capacity for the loving and balanced use of assertiveness, will power, strength, clarity, confidence and transpersonal selflessness. Some of the activities will include yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra meditation, contemplative self-inquiry, writing and creating action plans. Whether you are male or female you are welcome to attend. After all, we are far more than our gender identification.

Can you imagine a time when we look at another human being without interest in pinning them down into one specific gender or category of identification? I can.

In the meantime, we can enjoy and explore all the aspects of the enlightened traditional and archetypal female and male role models provide. We can be aware of and play with different qualities as we see the same essence in the eyes of what might seem to be “another.”

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