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Autumnal Reset

Softly waking, I rise to the occasion of another season. I notice a train of thoughts impatiently waiting in line for a mere morsel of my attention like the last available sale item on Christmas Eve. Noticing my breath saves me from the chaos close at hand. The dross of the mind slips off into the last moments of dawn and I merge into my morning meditation. Down to the kitchen, my seven- ingredient morning elixir proves that this is an abundant and creative Universe! Yet after breakfast the mind aims to re-assert itself; “There is just too much to do today.” My friend, Infinite Possibilities pushes me outside to the neighborhood park to take a break.

Time to reset.

Start over.

The price to pay for continuing to charge into the day is to loose each moment. I pause in between the equality of sunlight and darkness here in the Autumnal equinox. A simple message to trust shows up in milliseconds. I receive information to open and relax the space between my eyes and expand the view from the global perspective of Awareness.

Rest here.

Rest and hear.

As I hear, I am recognizing the order of “what is.” Everything is shifting, like the fluctuations of the mind; ceaselessly evolving just as the impending falling of the leaves on the trees. Walking home, back online and all is well. A new moment disrobes her perfection.

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