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Many Flavors of Gratitude

Maybe you have experienced some of these various flavors of gratitude:

Thanks of Astonishment: When a friend, family member or colleague goes out of their way for you. You did that for me? Wow!

No Words Thank You: Appreciation that vibrates out of you so powerfully, it leaves you without words and often tears gliding down your cheeks.

“Whew! This Could Have Been Much Worse” Gratefulness: Experiencing relief for what didn’t happen. For example, the other day I locked myself out of the house with out my phone or car keys. After a moment of shock, I took action. Everything lined up so that I made it back into the house within a half hour. Miraculous!

Melting in the Moment: Engulfed in soft appreciative satisfaction when you are immersed in the joy of being.

Thanks for the Challenge! This is when you are genuinely grateful for a difficult situation in your life because you know it is an opportunity to evolve.

YES and Oh No Gratefulness: When you are grateful for getting your desires fulfilled. Then later, shaking your head and curious about why you asked for it in the first place.

Graced with Gratitude: Have you ever experienced deep appreciation for gratitude itself? Gratitude runs through your veins and in every pore of your being. When this happens, it is obvious that there is nothing the little ego self could do to create such an experience.

Extraordinary Ordinary Thanks: Overcome with awe of the things you might ordinarily take for granted. “Wow, hot running water again? Isn’t it so incredibly beautiful in the sunlight?”

Gift to Each Other: When you experience deep appreciation of another’s presence in your life.

Thanksgiving Thanks: Isn’t it wonderful that the core intention of Thanksgiving is to give thanks! Pass the gravy, and pass on the thanks!

May the attitude of gratitude be with you always

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